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impala - l36

In The Box
  • Precision PT61 Turbo
  • Turbonetics Evolution wastegate
  • Cartuning Blow-off valve
  • Custom-made stainless steel exhaust crossover assembly - mates perfectly to STOCK exhaust manifolds
  • Custom-made mandrel bent TIG-welded 2.5" stainless steel downpipe with u-bend removal
  • High flow catalytic Converter - outlet bolts DIRECTLY to the STOCK exhaust system, Borla Exhaust, DynoMax Exhaust, or SLP Exhaust Systems
  • Cartuning cast aluminum charge pipe (non-intercooled versions)
  • Brand new flow-matched Lucas/Delphi 42.5 lb/hr fuel injectors
  • Custom Reprogrammed PCM adjusts for fuel/timing/shifting/etc
  • Stainless AN oil lines, oil “T”, custom adaptor for oil return
  • 4-ply black silicone connectors
  • Silicone vacuum hose (for connection to wastegate, BOV)
  • Valve cover breather
  • High-flow K&N air filter
  • Stainless T-bolt band clamps
  • All required bolts, nuts, and washers (grade 8 hardware)
  • O2 sensor plug
  • All gaskets for mating surfaces
  • Anti-seize and thread locker mini-paks
  • PCV modification hardware and specialized tools
  • 180 deg. Thermostat
  • 2 range colder spark plugs
  • Full instruction set on CD-ROM
Optional Equipment includes:
  • Oversized air-to-air intercooler
  • 2200°F Ceramic coating
  • Pre-installed Electric Exhaust Cutout
  • Methanol Injection
Kit Components

Kit Installed

CNC Mandrel Piping
All Cartuning turbo kits utilize CNC mandrel bent stainless piping to ensure maximum flow, long life, and consistent fit. Mandrel bending maintains the internal pipe shape and diameter by holding a mandrel inside the pipe while it is bent. This allows the steel to stretch on the outside of the bend and compress on the inside of the bend, eliminating wrinkles and kinking that cause flow restriction.

Optionally, Cartuning Performance can ship your kit with a 2200°F satin black ceramic coating. This coating is used to keep the heat in the pipes, rather than let it radiate out and heat up your engine bay. Ceramic coating is proven to lower radiated heat by over 40%! Cooler under hood temps means even more reliability and power. Keeping the heat in the exhaust piping means more heat to your turbo, which keeps it spooling it’s absolute fastest! It also looks great for years under your hood while resisting corrosion.
Mandrel Bent Piping


Oversize Custom Intercooler
Not only was Cartuning Performance the first mass production turbo kit for the current generation W body, but we also were the first intercooler design to maintain stock battery and washer bottle location. Over 350 kits later, these amazing intercoolers are still getting the job done with ease. We don’t offer different styles of intercooler; the one we ship with all IC kits is ultra-capable. At 24W x 10H x 3.5D we’ve taken cars up to 750 crank horsepower and still seen very acceptable pressure drop across the core. Our end tanks were designed and are built in-house, each unit pressure tested to 100psi for leaks before shipping. A key feature of this intercooler is the ability to squeeze behind your front bumper reinforcement bar without sacrificing crash protection or vehicle rigidity.

Piping which we include with the intercooler kit is all CNC mandrel bent stainless, and “fine texture” black powder coated. CNC bending ensures a perfect fitment each time on every car. Standard on all piping is a bead roll to ensure that no silicone pops off at higher boost levels. All hose connections are made with black “Cartuning” 4 ply silicone and stainless T-bolt clamps. Included with each intercooler kit is a replacement new LS1 style MAF sensor to accommodate all the extra air your engine will be flowing. Application dependant, the minimum gain of our IC kit is an additional 80hp (or more!).
Oversized Intercooler

Special Features
At Cartuning, we do everything we can to make the installation of our kits easy and error-free:

Your turbo comes pre-clocked to the right angle, all bolts/nuts/washers are inserted where applicable, baggies of anti-seize and gasket maker are included for less runs to the store, and step-by-step photo instructions on CD that guide you through the installation with ease.

We design our kits to require as little cutting and modifying of the vehicle as possible; this allows your car to return to stock with ease when compared to other turbo kits on the market. Our custom-machined oil return fitting means no need to drill your oil pan and weld in a bung (which often requires raising the engine!).  This turns your 5 hour job into a 5 minute job.
Constantly innovating our product range – pictured to the right is our cast charge pipe for non intercooled kits.  This one piece design means smooth airflow, clean looks, and perfect fit in your car.  Precision in-house TIG welding (shown) is yet another reason to chose Cartuning product.  With our close attention to detail, proper TIG welds means no slag inside the piping, and the strongest possible welds.

Our well-stocked warehouse ensures that we are always ready to ship your order with little to no delay from order to shipment.

These are just a few examples of the many reason Cartuning stands out from the rest.  Order your kit today and find out why Cartuning is all the rage!
Them vs Us
Cartuning Exclusives

Emissions Friendly
That's right. With the exception of a valve cover breather which doesn't comply with CARB regulations, Cartuning turbo kits blow exhaust out the tailpipe as clean as your factory car did! Our high flow catalytic converter is OBD-2 compliant and does a great job of cleaning up emissions. We leave EGR fully intact in our software and kits to ensure great mileage and a clean environment!

To further help things, most customers have reported a 2- 4 MPG GAIN in efficiency after installing their turbo kit! This means it's actually paying itself off over time! (Disclaimer : you can't have a heavy foot for this to happen!)

Pure Raw Power

Brandon's GP Larry's GP Brent's GP Track run
Jimmy's GP 04 GP Dyno Pull Brent's GP Run Jordan's GP
Pure, Raw, Power

Media Coverage

Check out Cartuning Performance featured in High Performance Pontiac Magazine!

CTW-NA GM 3800 Series II/III Turbocharger Kit for NA (non-supercharged) vehicles:
Precision PT-61 Turbo, Standard 304 Stainless Piping
CTW-NA-IC Intercooled
Replace the cast aluminum charge pipe with 304 stainless CNC mandrel bent tubing, clamps, and silicone couplers leading to an oversized aluminum Cartuning air-to-air intercooler.
CTW-CC Ceramic Coating
Coat your stainless pipes with a black ceramic coating to hold in exhaust heat up to 2200°F. Reduces under hood temps and provides more power to the turbine by reducing heat losses.
CTW-ALKY Methanol Injection
Cartuning methanol injection kits spray a fine mist into the intake charge effectively raising your octane level, lowering intake temps, and reducing engine knock. more info...
CTW-CUTOUT Electric Cutout
A top quality DHM electric cutout installed will be pre-installed on a revised downpipe with your kit. This will let you open your exhaust for better breathing, more power, and aggressive sound. more info...

Note: these optional upgrades are for new kit purchases. If you wish to purchase any upgrades for an existing kit, please contact Cartuning Performance.  

Install Time: approximately 6 hrs with basic mechanical ability
Tools Required: basic hand tools (socket set, Allen wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, floor jack, etc.)
Recommended Tools: socket extensions and universal joint, O2 sensor wrench